About the Product Manager position

We need the best minds to help make sure our platform is always at the cutting edge of the industry. The business is currently scaling its client base, product offering and headcount. We’re looking to bring in the next generation of senior hires to lead and support this crucial stage in the company’s growth. We are looking to hire an exceptionally ambitious and talented Product Manager; with the experience of growing products at a rapid-pace, ideally within a SaaS startup or scaleup.

A successful product manager at Intruder should have experience in gathering and analysing user feedback, product metrics, agile development processes, and feature prioritisation. Our products are laser focused on providing customers the information they need to answer the question "how secure am I?" and therefore, having a technical background with an understanding of cyber security is very beneficial.

Successful candidates will understand most product management concepts, have experience in a product management role in a SaaS business, and be able to bring that experience to Intruder through recommendations, process improvements. You will also have an analytical mindset, being able to engage with product analytics suites to prioritise improvements that reduce churn and benefit the business. All of this will ultimately help Intruder build a truly outstanding product.

You are expected to quickly process new information so that you can stay ahead of the changing cyber security landscape (which we can help with) and apply what you know to the product.

A successful candidate should be a perceptive and creative leader and a reliable problem-solver. It is also required to be professional, confident and be able to understand which ideas will and which won’t work.

Product Manager responsibilities are:

  • Build and implement product strategies to help drive the success of Intruder’s product offering
  • Retrieve and analyse feedback from customers, stakeholders and other teams to shape requirements, features and end products
  • Identify actionable steps which can be taken to reduce churn and increase customer engagement with the product
  • Prepare recommendations to expand product base and vision
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to create product plans and roadmaps
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team of designers, engineers, and customer success managers
  • Prepare and review product requirements documents
  • Organise product releases properly and ensure the compliance with schedule
  • Prepare recommendations to track product use and impact on end users

Product Manager requirements are:

  • 3+ years' experience of working on Product Manager or other relevant position at a SaaS product provider
  • Significant experience in product lifecycle management and working in Agile environment
  • Technical background is preferred - you understand what it takes to build a SaaS product and the corresponding development lifecycle
  • Ideally you will have an understanding of cyber security
  • Strong organisational, leadership and communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills with creative approach
  • BSc or BA in Computer Science, Engineering or other related area
  • Early stage startup experience is a bonus

Why join us?

Intruder is a dynamic and well-funded startup operating in a very fast-growing market. You'll join the company at just the right time, we've established a product-market fit and things are now really taking off!

What's in it for you?

For this experienced role, we are offering a competitive salary of £60,000 - £75,000 per year, depending upon your existing experience and skill set. We also want you to benefit from the success you create, great companies are built by great people, so we offer share options to all employees, depending on experience and salary. The role includes 28 days paid holiday plus bank holidays, and an additional 5 unpaid if you wish to take them.

We’re based in London, UK, but we are open to remote working arrangements. Some of our team members are already working remotely, but we would love it if you were able to be in the office at least 2 days a week to meet with the team. We have regular (optional) social events which in the past have included exploring virtual worlds, and having way too much fun at the cabaret.

As a small team we are flexible and offer a certain level of autonomy that allows you to make meaningful and lasting contributions to Intruder, and our customers.

Hiring Process

  • Apply to this role by clicking "Apply To Position"
  • Company intro (30 minutes, remote): Initial chat for you to learn more about the role and tell us what you're looking for
  • CV deep-dive and experience review (60-90 minutes, remote or in person): An exploration of your product management experience and technical expertise
  • Call with leadership team member (30 minutes, remote): No preparation required