About Us

Intruder is a multi-award winning cyber security startup helping IT Managers and DevOps engineers protect their organisations from the cyber attacks of tomorrow.

All companies run on software in which new vulnerabilities are constantly being identified – over 8,000 a year. Some of the biggest hacks of the last few years have been caused by companies not fixing these weaknesses in their systems, because the tools available to find them are too complicated for non-experts.

Intruder is an online platform that helps companies easily identify these weaknesses, and fix them, before they get hacked. We’ve been through some prestigious accelerators including CyLon and the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator, and now have 100+ customers on our SaaS platform, from Australia to Singapore and New York.

About You

We're a small team with little design expertise but our product is used all over the world, so we're looking for a senior UX/UI designer capable of world-class work, who can help us take our platform to the next level.

As much as we'd love to work with custom designs, for speed and efficiency a lot of our designs are based on pre-existing templates, so we're mainly looking for someone who can customise and deploy these templates in a creative and appealing way, resorting to custom design only if the template can't support our aims.

Our development efforts are ongoing, so this is likely to be lots of small/medium sized projects back to back, rather than one single large one - would be ideal for someone who has multiple clients or takes on additional work to their main job, but is willing to get to grips with our existing platform, mission and customer needs.

In your application we'd mainly love to see the UX/UI work you've done previously, whether for clients or personal projects, so please include a portfolio, even if nothing else.